roll over sliced bread (2) free-for-all

The bottom deck also contains a compartment for cutlery. This of a container with a plastic lid with holes in it for you to place knifes, forks and spoons in. My only with this container is that the plastic lid fairly quickly and as a result doesn't sit properly on the container. This isn't really a major problem, it's more of a design . Another minor is that if you use cutlery with slightly handles then you will to get them through the holes. Bosch, not , have made these holes as tight as possible in order to increase the capacity of items you can into the container.

The upper deck is a bit more of a , there are a couple of dividers for the safe storage of wine glasses but other items on the deck can be placed anywhere, which makes for great flexibility. We to use the upper deck for cups, larger utensils and the occasional pudding bowl.

In to get the best results out of the dishwasher, Bosch recommend that you use salt and rinse aid with each wash. These items are easy to up. The salt goes in a compartment under the lower deck. All you have to do is simply the cap and pour in the salt until it starts to overflow. At this screw the cap back on tightly and you are good to . With the Bosch, salt will need topping up every 2 to 3 weeks on how often you use the dishwasher.