dishwasher pete: the old jackson

I'm back at one of my usual jobs here in Portland – washing dishes Saturdays and Sundays at a mostly vegetarian diner. I'm also to get my old Saturday night back at this burrito restaurant and bar. I've got the same with the owners of both places: $6.50 an hour cash, plus an even share of the , plus all-you-can-eat food and beers after the shift. If I get that Saturday night shift, it'll mean that in the 31 hours from 10 a.m. Saturday to 5 p.m. Sunday, I can earn nearly $300 cash. It's no wonder that I always back to Portland.

The diner is kinda funny because the employees are mostly punkers serving rich hippies. It's an old, operation. I have to stand whenever a customer heads to or from the bathroom. The place has a 1947 Jackson dish machine. It's to look at and it's a nice antique, but it's a complete failure when it to cleaning dishes. The spray arms stopped at around the time I was born. Last year the machine had hot steamy water kinda splashing around. Now the water is just a , non-soapy gray and there's really no splashing to speak of.

When I brought up the topic of the machine to the owner, he said, "Oh, I know, don't you just love it?" He went on to about the machine. I realized that it was a of form over function. He sounded like such a proud parent that I the issue. , I'll be gone by the end of the year. This guy owns the place, and he seems happy with the way things are. He's in this for the long , I'm not. Who am I to get in his and demand that he change the way things are done?