all apologies (2) hey ma'am

Hey there, ma'am. ? Uh, I guess you must be pretty mad. I mean, what with your dog dying . It sucks. I get that, . So first of all I'm sorry and second of all, if maybe you'd like me to get you a glass of water ? No?

All right, just ask if you need anything, ? I'll stick around for a while, , just in case you, , wanna talk or something. , the name's Jack. So, uh, , I guess. No hard feelings, right? Right? We're good?

, big trouble? Look, ma'am, it wasn't my fault. , it was that stupid dog of yours that screwed up. So don't you run around blaming it on me. No, I wasn't passed out, . I was totally awake. ? $30,000? , you actually paid...? No no no no no.

You can't be serious. Is this joke? I mean, do you think I'm stupid? Get real, lady. A dog can't cost that much. They do? You have? I will? Oh man, . This just keeps getting better and better.