about drugs (1) is society crazy?

I'd like you to hear my opinion about drugs. Everyone avoids talking about drugs or, if , they feel like they have to say it is a horrible thing. They are afraid that if they say it’s o.k. then you and I will think of them as criminals. It’s a peer pressure . You can’t say certain things people will think you are a bad person. But I say Do whatever you want, smoke mashed potatoes if you want, smoke fish heads or monkey shit, I don’t care. Don’t , I think we should all care about our health enough not to smoke anything, including cigarettes, but if you want to ruin your health, why should I have the right to stop you?

I don’t think people should go to prison for smoking marijuana. I decide for myself. A guy could smoke rat poison if he wished but if some guy smokes a joint everybody acts like he robbed a bank or beat an old woman. Is society crazy? “But it’s MARIJUANA.“ everyone yells in outrage, one plant were evil and the others were acceptable. God made all plants except marijuana, which is the one plant the devil made. That I guess they're trying to say.

In America, the government invests a lot of money marijuana disappear. The police have helicopters with high-tech equipment and all kinds of other stuff designed to detect marijuana plants. I saw on the news these police squads out in the wilderness tearing down plants with shovels. They were dressed in black and had guns (I guess to shoot the plants) and they said tough police „Search and destroy“, and “Let’s bust these babies.“ Then they marched towards these plants with a murderous glare.

I laughed when I heard them talking like that. I would not surprised to see them handcuff and beat the plants. So Americans have been paying taxes to send the police out into the woods with shovels, and while the police digging up plants the real criminals were probably robbing banks. And the worst thing is that they will never get rid of the plant, , so it is wasted time and money.