about ed (3) no saint

You make it sound almost as if Ed was a saint. Do you think he would have approved of you talking about him like this? No, not at all. He would have hated anyone to call him that. For one thing, he was very disorganized. He lose things on a regular basis. He misplacing his wallet as well as his car keys. He would often ask us to ring his number that he could find his phone. And he hated upstaged. He was so irritated not to have made head boy at his school because he considered himself the best candidate. He quite possibly was, but there was no I, as headmaster, could have done it.

What about his lovelife? Did he meet anyone in Lebanon that he thought he might date or even marry? Or was he involved with someone back in England? Not I know of. He was a hopeless romantic, as far as I know. He once tried to win a girl by sending her a postcard with the lyrics of Take That's "Back for Good" translated into Latin. Also, I hope he wouldn't me pointing out that he found Lebanese girls quite stunning and it him a lot that he had trouble chatting them up. For instance, there's a chapter in his diary where he recalls how his French him down when he most wanted to Celeste.

I don't believe this name has come up yet. Would you mind telling us more about this Celeste girl? It sounds as if she played quite some part in your son's life. Apparently, Celeste was this beautiful secretary at the hostel where he first stayed in Beirut. He thought she had the most adorable French voice. And he absolutely cursed himself when his French down as he chatted to her. He actually wrote in the diary that he would often imagine living with Celeste in a gorgeous stone villa from the thirties, I'm not sure if he'd approve us sharing this piece of information with you.