edie and susan (2) drawing the line

Susan: Come on, you must have been pretty popular in high school. You're such an person and so much fun to be with. I mean, everyone loves being people like you.
Edie: Oh, you must be joking. I was the girl that out with the freaks at the loading dock. All we did was smoke and all the other students. No wonder everyone hated us.
Susan: Well, you know how it is in high school. The way the kids treat each other, the constant , all that stuff you have to put up with just for being different.
Edie: Well, the way I see it, there's a between ignoring someone and trying to make them feel like a loser.
Susan: I get that. I mean, I'm still ashamed of some of the things I did and said back then. But I never hurt anyone on .

VOCAB: brush sb off odbýt někoho ... loading dock přístaviště pro nákladní lodě ... on purpose schválně ... outgoing společenský ... perky rozverný ... pull the wool over sb's eyes oblbovat někoho ... put sb down shazovat, urážet ... trashtalk sb pomlouvat ... whatever floats your boat když tě to baví

Edie: What does that make? Oh, so you didn't humiliate me purposely? That makes everything ok I guess. I'm not anymore.
Susan: I guess you're right. High school can be pretty on some kids. Good thing we leave it all behind.
Edie: Actually, I don't think we do. See, as it I still think of myself as the outsider that doesn't get invited to the cool parties. Yours, for instance.
Susan: I can see how you'd think that. I may have brushed you off once or twice. I didn't to, though. Sorry about that.
Edie: I don't think that apology is .
Susan: I see. What does that make me?
Edie: Since you asked, to me, you're still the cheerleader who thinks that she can pull the wool over eyes.
Susan: Well, I don't really see it that way but whatever floats your boat.