edie and susan (3) the worst lie

Edie: Look, you can't fool me, Susan. I know what's going on here. You're in some kind of trouble and you need me to help you deal with it. You wouldn't have invited me on this trip you wanted something from me. So spit it out, what is it?
Susan: What do you mean, spit it out? Can't a friend take you out on a little trip just because they feel like driving around and shooting the breeze? Or are you so down us cheerleader types that you can't imagine us doing stuff just the hell of it?
Edie: As as I'm concerned, high school isn't over. The old rules still apply. The only time the cool kids want to talk to the freaks is when they need a favor from them. Otherwise they couldn't bothered.
Susan: Why don't we just drop this subject. I don't want us to get a fight. Not now. I'm going to go sit in the car if that's ok you.
Edie: No, you're not getting back in my car until you tell me what it is you want. And you'd better stop playing games and start being honest me. Tell me what's going on.

VOCAB: be down on sb mít pifku na be full of crap kecat, lhát do st just for the hell of it dělat něco jen tak pro zábavu drop a subject opustit téma for what it's worth pokud tě to zajímá it's too bad to je škoda lead sb on vodit za nos level with sb říct někomu něco na rovinu make amends napravit co jsem způsobil play games oblbovat někoho, neříkat pravdu shoot the breeze povídat si (nezávazně), vykecávat spit it out ven s tím (tak to řekni)

Susan: Okay, I'll level you. The reason I asked you to hang out with me is because I figured I haven't always treated you well, and I want to make amends.
Edie: Hm. I think you're full of crap. You're really good leading people on and making them like you, I'll grant you that. But life has taught me not to trust your type.
Susan: You know, for what it's , I would have talked to you in high school. I wouldn't have given you a hard time just because you were considered a freak. It's just too we went to different schools.
Edie: Of all the lies you have told, that's the worst. If two of us were in the same school, you would totally ignore me. In fact, you would make sure everyone else ignored me as well.
Susan: Whatever, Edie. We don't have time to discuss this. We need to try and replace this tire in the tow truck doesn't get here before dark.