edie and susie (1) high school revisited

Edie: Ok, we've got a flat tire. I called a tow truck already, they should be here within thirty minutes..
Susan: What are we going to do in the ?
Edie: Why don't we just walk around, some fresh air and talk? We haven't talked weeks.
Susan: Sounds good. So, what's new you? Any boyfriends on the horizon?

Edie: Actually, that's what I want to talk about. I'd rather we talked about high school.
Susan: What is to talk about? We didn't even go to the same school.
Edie: I you were a cheerleader in high school, weren't you?
Susan: Actually, I was. My junior year. How did you know?
Edie: I can . Girls like you made my life hell.

Susan: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. What exactly did they do to you?
Edie: I hated that clear skin of theirs and those smiles. It's not like I cared Honor Roll but I guess I wouldn't have being a little less unpopular.
Susan: Come on, you must have been popular in high school. You're an outgoing person. I mean, everyone loves being people like you. You're so much fun to be with.
Edie: Oh, you must be joking.