edie and susie (5) martha's ashes

Edie: I want to be invited to your poker game. I'm not saying that I'll actually go. And I'm not saying that you and your friends have to be nice to me. But, every in a while, yeah, it'd be nice to be asked.
Susan: Well, we meet on Tuesdays, and it's potluck lunch. Everybody brings something and then...
Edie: I'm not bringing anything.
Susan: Oh, you don't have to. I'll bring something you. Well, we seem to have worked this out. I guess I should go take a shower and wash the ashes of me.

Edie: Hold it. I can't the thought of Martha's ashes going down some sewer .
Susan: Well, I have to clean up. Or do you want me to walk around covered in a dead person's ashes? I mean, I will if what you want but...
Edie: This is such a beautiful lawn. Why don't we Martha to rest right here so she can keep an on the neighborhood.
Susan: Oh. That could work. But wait, how would Martha feel it?
Edie: She'd it. Stand over here, I'll hose you .
Susan: I don't think so. I'd still use the shower if that's ok with you.
Edie: You me. Stay and don't even think of running away.