empty threats (3) a real shame

Maybe you haven't yet just how important I am in this office. Maybe you're even more ignorant than I thought, and you don't realize that I am in some important projects around here. If everything goes as planned, I'll be receiving a promotion this spring, and when that happens, I'll have a lot of connections, so you'd to start kissing my ass now. You'd come in to work one day to find, oh, say, that your desk is all , wouldn't you? Or that your thermostat was cranked up to 80? It would be a if your salad disappeared from the kitchen fridge. Wouldn't it?

Now do I have your attention?

You know, the real shame is that it to be this way. When I first met you, I actually thought we might be good buddies. I tried to be friendly by offering you plenty of compliments and kind . They may have been nonspecific and unemotional, but that's no reason to turn your back on me the way you did. But now, it's too damn late for apologies, so you'd better just and start paying attention to my criticism. .