erin the juggler (2) work, daycare, bathtime

Despite Mike's best , by the time I get in my car it's 7:15am and I pray I don't get in traffic and be late for work. I have only been working at the law firm for two weeks and up late at this point would make me look . Other than that, work is great and I enjoy being around adults for a change. I am also in a lot of interesting issues and projects, and the days tend to go by quickly.

The boys are supposed to be limited to 9 hours a day at the daycare, so I try to be there by 4:45. I walk in, up all of their stuff, get them dressed, trek back to the car carrying one kid and all of their in one arm, shove them into carseats, give them each a snack (the boys are starving at the end of the day, I learned that the hard way), spend an hour in -hour traffic, and we're home. Afterwards, it's bathtime, my new favorite time of the day. The boys fight in the bath, water gets everywhere, and the bathmat is constantly soaked.

As if that weren't bad enough, getting the boys out of the tub is as hard as getting them in. Whatever I tell them to do, they fight me every of the way. I know they mean well and I can't really blame them for being and out of control, that's what kids are like, I guess. But by then I feel and at the end of my rope and I often get very close to them. Their father doesn't get home until after 7. He hangs out with them while I finish cleaning up, and tells them a bedtime story, while I check my personal emails. Before I know it, it's 10pm and I off to bed to get some sleep before the madness starts all over again.