daughters and sisters (1) the scarf

FRANCES: I know I should be worrying about my sister, but the truth is I can't thinking about Izzy.
PAUL: You've heard Izzy?
FRANCES: Not exactly. I had to look her up or I'd probably never to see her again.
PAUL: Doesn't she ever call you?
FRANCES: Not she wants something.
PAUL: When was the last time she wanted something?
FRANCES: Last week I was positively in messages from her. I got an email, a text, and three messages on my voicemail.
PAUL: That's more communication than you'd had from her in months. What do you think made her do that?
FRANCES: It out she wanted to use my computer and couldn't out my password.
PAUL: Well, maybe that was her way of breaking the ice.
FRANCES: Is that how you break the ice, by and begging, issuing ? Because that's how it sounded to me.
PAUL: You have to cut her some . You sound extremely upset with her.
FRANCES: Well, wouldn't you be? It just you down after a while.
PAUL: I understand you must be very frustrated. Maybe it's time to the air. How about you go see her.
FRANCES: I did. This week. I just couldn't it anymore.
PAUL: What was your excuse to see her? You had one, right?
FRANCES: I wouldn't of meeting her unless I had a good excuse. Luckily, I had her scarf, remember?
PAUL: Oh yes, the one that you took from Tricia's.
FRANCES: The one of them wanted me to find. And some other things, too.
PAUL: Like what?
FRANCES: Let me think. Oh, I had a T-shirt that she loved and left that last time she was at my place. And there were some paperbacks that I had lying around that she said she wanted to read.