broken fridge (1) trees or disease?

Joey's apartment. Joey is pulling the broken fridge off the wall when Rachel walks in.
JOEY: Hi roomie.
RACHEL: Right, I guess we are roommates now.
JOEY: Well, now that you it up, our fridge is broken. We have to get a new one. Now, I around and your half is $400. Thanks a lot.
RACHEL: I'm not paying for half of that. I'm only staying here until my apartment fixed.
JOEY: Look, my parents bought this fridge just after I was born, okay? Now, I have never had a problem with it. Then you up and it breaks. What does that tell you?
RACHEL: That refrigerators don't live as long as people.
JOEY: All right, you know that the ATM will only let you out 300 at a time, I'll take a check for the other hundred.
RACHEL: You're joking, right?
JOEY: Of course I'm joking. I don't take checks.

Central Perk, Rachel enters and joins the gang.
RACHEL: Do you guys know any guys? There's this big charity ball this weekend and Ralph Lauren bought a table, so I kinda have to go...
MONICA: What's the charity?
RACHEL: I don't know, trees or disease... Ralph mumbles a lot.
MONICA: Does Ralph mumble when you're not attention?
RACHEL: Yeah. It's weird. But the thing is I need to find a .
PHOEBE: Well, what kind of guy are you looking for?
RACHEL: Well, someone that has his own tux, or has the ability to rent a tux.
CHANDLER: So he has to be a male who has at $50.
JOEY: Ooh. So .