american gals (2) a tempting job

Jenna: Hmm, that's absolutely crazy. In my opinion, you should and find a different boyfriend. You can him, can't you?
Anne Marie: I doubt it. These things , and I don't see why I should leave him just because he's married. We've dating for a couple months and it's nothing serious.

Jenna: I'm shocked at you. I mean, these things happen but I personally think dating a married man is really low. No offense.
Anne Marie: None taken, but I'll think what you've . The worst thing is that I love him, but he's really for me. Anyway, we'll wait and see, huh?
Jenna: So what's new at school?
Anne Marie: Not a whole lot. I'm taking some courses in psychology and French and they be going well. French is pretty tough but I like it. My biggest problem is that I don't have enough time to study I'd like to.

Jenna: Same with me. I'm about to take the entrance exams at University of Iowa so I've been brushing up on German and reviewing math and history. I'm so nervous about it because I'm afraid I won't get into either school. But I shouldn't worry so much. That won't do me . So I took some time to study, and then I'll take the exams at the end of April. Oh, and did I tell you? I got a great job offer to teach biology at a high school near here. Actually the pay's not bad and I'm take it, but I think I'll have to because getting into school is important.