american gals (4) my dad's future wife

Jenna: So, what's new with your parents? I haven't seen them .
Anne Marie: Well, . My dad got a promotion so he's been working day and night. I don't see him much. To tell you the truth, I think he works too hard. His job is his life. And, to , my mom is sick of seeing him only on the weekends. What happened was that he got the promotion about a month ago, but now he's having to work a lot more than he had expected. They're both with it, but sooner or later will calm down and his schedule won't be so hectic. And what about your family? What have they been ?

Jenna: Well, actually, my mother and stepfather are thinking to Florida. The worst thing about it is my grandma still lives here, and after they move, I'll be the only person helping her out. It's not , like I don't her a hand, but I'm just too busy to be there for her all the time. It looks like they'll move at the beginning of June that I'll start helping them pack up pretty soon.
Anne Marie: Here's the café, on the left. Let's cross here. Ok, go ahead.

Jenna: Did I tell you that my dad re-married?
Anne Marie: Are you serious?
Jenna: Yeah. The date is July 2nd, so I guess I'll go to visit him at the end of June. I met his future wife a couple years ago and I've been hoping he'd propose to her. I mean, it's about time, he's old, but he's getting up there. And she's really a great woman.