american gals (5) things and stuff

Anne Marie: Can I you a beer?
Jenna: If you ... Thanks.
Anne Marie: No problem. Here you go. So, where are your dad and his new wife going on their honeymoon?
Jenna: I have no idea, actually. Probably somewhere warm because he likes warm weather. of weather, have you noticed how nice it has been outside? It is really nice today - warm and sunny. Although last week it was really cold.

Anne Marie: True. Well, it's spring so you never know about the weather. One day it's raining and cold, and the next day it's sunny and hot. I'll you what. If it's nice next week, do you want to go camping with my friends and me next weekend? We have a boat on the lake and we're to go water-skiing and stuff.
Jenna: I'd to, but I think I'm just too busy. Maybe some other time.
Anne Marie: Oh, come on. It's going to be so much fun.
Jenna: Well, OK, I'll it over and I'll let you know on Monday. How does that ?
Anne Marie: Fine, but I really hope you can come. We're going to have a great time.

Jenna: Since when have you been water-skiing? I always you a winter-sports fan.
Anne Marie: I started learning how to water-ski about two years ago, in the summer of '95, and I've really into it since then. I get the feeling I'll start skiing in the winters and concentrate just on water-skiing in the summers. It's great - I love it. Which is not to say that I don't skiing anymore, but it's more expensive and I just don't have enough time during the winter. But, we'll see; I change my mind.
Jenna: Well, I have to you credit for trying something new. I never would have. The idea of skiing on a lake behind a boat just me too nervous.