It's Not the Same (2) NEAT ROWS OF GARLIC

But then two things happened that made me my decision. A hiking buddy from the volunteer trip and I were going to spend a few hours in, according to the weather forecasters, 'the last day until next July,' hiking in the mountains. But then she called and said her mother was sick and had to cancel. Since I had nothing else planned for the day I figured I might work on my yard. The second thing was that the field to the east of my property was planted with garlic.

I met the garlic guy a couple days ago and although he may not be a gardener, he is a farmer of sorts and his rows took him days of meticulous preparation. His to work really was admirable. He had the kind of work that I can't find in myself. Yesterday he and his daughter were poking garlic cloves in hundreds, if not thousands, of holes in the tops of the tarp from dawn to dusk. I sat on my , waved, looked at my small plot, and felt guilty.

So today, since I had planned to be outside and away from any anyway, I dedicated the day, at least six hours of it, to getting my yard in for the winter. Once I made up my mind, I was fine with it. I stopped thinking of it as a . I took a mental trip back to the week-long work party and how good it felt to up a root from three feet underground.

I'm outside on the last nice day until next July, the sun is shining, the clouds are beginning to roll in, the dog is napping in the sun, the garlic guy notices my and gives me a , and I think to myself... , does weeding suck. It just does. There are simply no circumstances which weeding is enjoyable. I guess I need to be reminded of this fact every now and .