george saves our holiday (2) getting lost

In fact, the directions almost useless when we arrived at Barcelona airport. They were written from memory by the Spanish owner of this house, who obviously knew the way so well herself that she could not see any possibility that anybody lost.

I can tell her now that to reach Santa Eulalia, you the A7 from Meridiana. You can't, because the A7 doesn't go anywhere near Meridiana. You take the A17, which joins the A7 a few kilometers down the road. No problem, if you that - or if you have bought a map. But if you don't, and you haven't, you these things. Grrr.

It's on Spanish signposts, with their tiny letters, often hidden by trees. I sometimes think that one of the few things we proud of in Britain are our road signs.

Our roads may be choked with traffic and full of holes. But if the next exit is Oxford, you about it, in letters six feet high. In fact, I we would ever have found this house if it George.