family guy (2) married for children

The next question will be about your family. you're married, aren't you? How did you and your wife first meet? When you proposed to her, did she say yes right away or did you have to wait for her to make up her mind? I've been married for almost fifteen years. My wife and I began when we were working together. I was actually the who hired her. At first I noticed her but soon I began to look to seeing her walk past my cubicle. One day I worked up the to ask her out. We went to see a movie and then we went to this nice little bar down the street. We both had a great , laughing and telling stories. I'd never felt so with a girl before. Four months later I proposed to her. She took some time to think about it but in the end she said yes. We got married that summer.

Does your wife kiss you when you get home from work? Do you look forward to seeing her and talking to her at the end of a long day? Or are there a lot of fights between the two of you? I mean, do you and your wife still love each other? I I could say we do but it's not that simple. We don't talk to other as often as we used to. I would be lying if I said I am crazy about Lilly the way I was in the early days. Or that I can't wait to see her when I home from work. The truth is that this marriage has become a for both of us. Even though we see each other every day we don't really talk much . we've gotten used to being quiet around each other. We don't fight, either but that's because we live two separate lives. We hardly discuss anything so there's nothing to fight about.