grocery delivery (1) what a little tantrum can do

For a long time I couldn't about whether I should grocery delivery, but after an awful trip to the grocery store last weekend (Mike commented that he could hear Ben's tantrums the store), I decided to . What did I have to lose, right? So I spent several days making my list online, looking at weekly specials and finding coupons, and then placed my order.

Delivery for Saturday between 12 and 2, and at about 1:30, I heard the truck in the driveway. I grabbed my , and went out to meet the driver. First he gave me , then he brought all the bags into the house for me. I unloaded the groceries, and . The whole thing took about 20 minutes.

I am a huge coupon clipper, although I often them. I've been saving by buying generic and I was hoping to do the same here, except there are not a ton of generic options on the delivery site. I searched online and eventually found coupons for nearly all the name-brand products I was going to buy, them down to a generic-price.

I have free delivery for the next 60 days, and after that, delivery will be $7 for orders over $100. I also tipped the driver $5 -- I would tip someone who brought a pizza to my house, so why shouldn't I tip the delivery guy, right? Now, what the final price of the groceries is going to be. I had a $10 welcome coupon, a $5 discount for signing up for "direct check" payment, and a $1 coupon my checking account to pay. I the total price will be about $135, including tip.