haley vs. mom (1) sweet little fifteen

MOM: Honey, I'll be you. I'm not exactly crazy about you going out tonight.
HALEY: Why? It's just a birthday party. is going to be there.
MOM: I don't care who's going to be there.
HALEY: What's the ? I'm not grounded, am I?
MOM: No, but you're too young for this sort of thing.
HALEY: Oh my God, mom. I'm fifteen. I'm old enough to for myself.
MOM: I really don't think so. , how are you even going to get there?
HALEY: The party is, like, around the block. It's a .
MOM: You can't the car, you know that.
HALEY: What do I need a car ? Haven't you been listening?
MOM: I just don't want you to spending nights at parties, away from home.
HALEY: No need to worry, mom. Do I look like a party animal to you?
MOM: No, but did your brother and look how that turned out.
HALEY: Oh come on, it's a thing.
MOM: I highly that. I know how this works.
HALEY: Let me . Is it because you did the same thing when you were my age?
MOM: You know what, talk about that.
HALEY: Fine with me. Just please let me have some fun.
MOM: What about me? I'll be the whole time. Doesn't that bother you? It should.