Earth to Hannah (1) Shape Up

This is for my daughter Hannah and--more --for all her friends on Facebook who thought that her little rebellion was cute. I'm guessing parents out there like to think that their kids don't bad things on Facebook. I hate to it to you, but they do. You just haven't found out or haven't to check.

Let me read you a post I took off my daughter's Facebook wall . In it she complains about being like a slave by her mom and me. Let me assure you that nothing could be from the truth.

Obviously Hannah didn't expect us to see the post. She she was smart enough to keep it from us. Well, honey, you have made the mistake of your opponent. I about 6 hours today fixing your computer (spending almost $200 on software upgrades in the ) and while I was at it I came the post that you didn't think I would be able to see.