hit by a bus (3) what a dumbass

Emily Pafko, the dipshit's wife, spoke to reporters early this morning about the near-fatal accident. "Well, I gotta admit, I wasn't shocked. He's always doing stupid, no-brained shit like that," she said. "What was he thinking? Did he wake up Monday morning and say, 'Hey. I've got a idea: I think I'll go walk into the path of a bus and get myself pounded completely flat today.'?"

The accident has others, as well, including area resident Gregory Lundeen, who furrowed his brow and blew a long, low whistle after told the story while waiting in at the grocery store. Harrisburg College junior Jonathan Neimuhr was equally taken , telling his roommates, "Guys. Did you hear? Some totally got, like, whomped by a bus today."

Though the accident has raised of traffic safety at the intersection where Pafko got creamed, local authorities have no plans to implement any new safety at this time. "It's a street. What do you honestly expect us to do?" city councilman Gordon Hutchinson said. "Should we put up a sign , 'Please Do Not Walk Out In Front Of Any Huge Oncoming Buses Here To Corner'? I mean, sure, we could do that, I guess, but I'd like to think most people would already know to that type of thing. Can you believe this guy? Geez, what a ."