splitting the hive (1) no sweat

Jason has a beekeeping hobby. he invited us to come watch him "split the hive" and neither me nor my wife were 100% sure what that meant, we knew we'd see a beehive . We simply couldn't resist offer. When we got there, we were told we'd be ok we didn't wear black (which is what we both be wearing). In the end, we did find some white shirts and started feeling pretty brave.

Apparently this "hive splitting" thing is what beekeepers do when their hive becomes too large for . In the wild, bees will do this . A big group will just suddenly pack up and fly off to set up a new hive someplace else. The trick to doing it yourself is that you have to a queen in both hives. The current queen needs to stay with the original hive a brand new queen can be introduced to the new one.

In make sure you aren't moving the queen, she has to be located first. And what we saw, that's what 90% of "splitting the hive" —it's basically a big queen hunt. There are over 10k bees in a hive and one queen and she's not looking (her ass is a slightly different color and it's a little larger).

You start the whole process the original hive in half by putting a screen in there that the queen can slip through (she can't fit her huge ass). Then you just check to see which side gets new eggs, and the queen is.