home alone (1) a big fuss

I spent the day playing cards with Aunt Speed. Cards are supposed to your problems by making you concentrate but it doesn't always work. The I played I couldn't stop wishing Timo was around. Even I was surprised to realize that I missed my brother. I he felt the same way. Did he miss me too? Or was he happy to be on his own in photography camp? I'd never felt so lonely before. And I felt even lonelier after I went to bed. I hadn't forgiven Timo for the lies he told on Christmas Eve, we would still talk every night. Actually, he talking. He knew he was in my bad books and was trying to , in a half-hearted sort of way.

The night before he left for camp he was still going on about the autogyro. "Brian? Are you asleep?" -- "Not yet. And anyway, if I'm asleep or not?" -- "Guess what I found out?" -- "Something about an autogyro, no doubt." -- "Yeah. I explained to dad how you thought you were getting the kit for Christmas and how disappointed you were when you got a coat instead and how you've been it." -- "Can't you think of anything new? This is ." -- "No. This time I really mean it. Cross my heart. You know how mom and dad were upset about being in Ireland on your birthday?"

He was right about that. Before leaving, our parents about it. They kept saying how sad it was that they'd be gone on my birthday. They assumed that to help me eat the cake they would spoil the whole day for me. I told them I . It was nice to see them take this trip together. They had earned it and we were all happy for them. It's true that birthdays very seriously in our family but it definitely wasn't reason enough for them to skip a free trip to Ireland.