home alone (2) fool me once

"Well," Timo continued, "dad and mom wanted to to you. They decided to get you that kit and time it it would come on your birthday." -- "Come off it, Timo. Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe that?" -- "No. I'm serious." -- "Of course you are." -- "Look, I wouldn't kid you a second time. I saw how hard you took it on Christmas."

"You're a real pain, Timo, you know that?" I don't usually call and I'd never called anyone a pain. I just happened to remember it from the time Thomas' mother came to get him out of our class. "A what?" It Timo had never heard the word used that way. "A pain? What's that mean?" -- "It means that you're hard to with. The stuff you say's a little hard to believe."

We left it at that. Timo gave up trying to persuade me that he was telling the truth this time. For my part, I was have to think about it anymore. Good thing that's now, I thought. I was tired of hoping for things that I knew weren't going to happen. And now that there was no Timo to drive me crazy, I was lying awake remembering his little lies and with some good answers which I didn't think of at the time. , Timo was keeping me awake long distance. that he had told the truth this time? Was my autogyro kit actually on its way? Fat chance. , what if he was telling the truth? I mean, he wouldn't have lead me on like that a second time. Or would he?