home alone (4) as the sky got lighter

The newspaper van came, and the men in the back dropped two bundles onto the sidewalk in of us without saying a word. They didn't even bother looking up to see if there was someone to pick up the papers. I could tell they hated this part of the job. But what other part is there, I wondered. I had brought a red metal wagon we wouldn't have to carry the papers in shoulder bags. I hate the the strap cuts into my muscles. I cut the wires away from the newspapers with my Swiss Army Knife. As usual, the wires had cut into the papers on top and bottom. think they'd find some way to tie them that wouldn't destroy them. But apparently, the people working for the post office can't bothered to try and be helpful.

I started pulling the wagon down the street. Callie took one side and I took the other. I had to tell her which houses to go to, three a time. She hadn't memorized the route yet. I made she did everything the way Patrick wanted it done. A lot of paper boys and I guess paper girls throw the paper on the driveway or on the lawn. Some of them leave it on the front porch. But Patrick made it a rule to place paper carefully behind the screen door.

Callie have been slow, but she did a good job and what really matters. My hands got blacker as the sky got lighter. It took longer to deliver the papers with Callie's help than when I did it myself. But , I wasn't trying to set any speed records. When we done I asked Callie what she was going to do next. Not surprisingly, Callie wanted to go right home and back to bed. "You want to come over later?" I asked her. "Actually, I'd you came over," she said.

"Ok, I will. But why don't you want to hang out at our place? You don't like it there?" -- "I do. It's just that my mother gets nervous if I visit somebody too much." -- "What do you mean? You hardly ever come over." -- "I was just last night." -- "I see. Will we be allowed to play with Squirrel?" -- "Sure," said Callie. "As long as we can find him. He's been spending a lot of time outside." -- "What time do you want me to come?" -- " about after lunch? I have a feeling I'm going to sleep for a long time."