home alone (6) the agreement

"I don't think it's for you to say that, Mom" said Callie. "I mean, Squirrel is used to running around . How am I supposed to let him know he can't do that anymore?" -- "But that's not what our agreement was about, young lady. What did you promise to do?" -- "To him in the garage when I'm not keeping an eye on him. But I did was let him out for a little while. He came as soon as I called him."

"And where do you think he goes when you let him loose? Have you ever what a cat does when it's not watched? Do you think it remembers the things it's not allowed to do? Do you really think a cat is smart enough to make sure it doesn't do anything to make its owner upset? We're talking about cats here, Callie. Squirrel does whatever he like doing. He doesn't care that you get for letting him do it."

"I have to be going," I said. But nobody heard me or maybe they just ignored me. "It's still not fair," said Callie. "I'd hate it if Squirrel had to get to being locked up in the garage all the time." -- "The garage has plenty of room in it. It even has an attic. It's big for a bear. Callie, the reason I'm so upset is because I just got a call from Mrs. Johnson. , every day after lunch she puts out bread for the pigeons. She always does it at the same time the birds know when to come." I knew what she was going to say next. "It seems your cat has been waiting in the bushes to jump out at the birds when they come their bread. I don't think he's caught any yet, but it's only a of time."

"I just remembered something," I said. "I'd better be going." -- "Sorry you had to hear this, Brian, but it can't be ." -- "Wait up, Brian." Callie said. "I want to ask you something." By this time I had opened the inside door and was standing on the landing. "Just a minute, young lady," said Callie's mother. "I'm not with you." Callie sighed and turned to me. "Don't go yet, Brian. I've got to talk to you."