home alone (8) a sudden pain

"We would have to keep them ." -- "That's going to be no trouble at all. Besides, you get to play with him all you want. And he doesn't eat much, ." -- "I really can't do this without asking my parents first." -- "But your parents aren't around. It has to be done today. My mother's really furious and so is my dad."

"O.K.," I said. "Why don't I go ask Aunt Speed to see what she thinks." -- "I'll bring him right over," said Callie. "Wait a minute. I didn't get permission ." -- "How can she make that decision unless she sees the cat? Let me bring him and then if your aunt says no I'll take him back." -- "I'd do this my way. I'll call you right back," I said. But Callie said, "See you in a few minutes," and hung up.

"Aunt Speed?" -- "Yes, dear." -- "Is it ok if Callie's cat stays with us for a while?" -- "That depends. For how long?" -- "Just mom and dad get home. It's so I can ask them if I can keep him." -- "Why is Callie giving up her cat?" -- "She's not to keep it any more for some reason." -- "What would your mother say?" -- "She wouldn't . She likes animals." -- "But your father doesn't, does he?" I didn't want to tell a lie. "He thinks cats are harmless," I said. "He to have a cat when he was a kid." -- "I remember that lazy thing," said Aunt Speed. "Is it ok ?" -- "I'll have to think about it. Just give me a minute. I'll let you know."

Then Meeko started barking. He usually barks a reason so I went over to the window to see what was up. A big truck had arrived in front of the house. I saw a man wearing a grey uniform walk to the front door. "Does a Brian O'Brien live here?" he asked. "That's my father," I said. "He's in Ireland now, ." -- "Well, is there anybody older in the house? I need someone to sign for this thing. If I don't get a signature, I'll have to take it back." Aunt Speed came over to the door. "What is it?" I asked. "Ultralight Autogyro," he said. " that means." I felt a sudden pain in my side. I got a little dizzy and couldn't breathe. I wondered if I was having a heart attack.