there goes my job

DAVE: Hi. My name's Dave.
GUY: Do I know you, Dave?
DAVE: No, I don't think we have met.
GUY: Ok, so what is this ?
DAVE: Do you have a minute?
GUY: Do I look busy to you?
DAVE: No, .
GUY: I have all the time , man.
DAVE: Good. I have a bunch of questions to ask you, if you don't mind.
GUY: .
DAVE: All right, let me find my notes.
GUY: .
DAVE: Ok, so why don't you start by telling me...
GUY: Wait, what your name was?
DAVE: Dave.
GUY: Dave who?
DAVE: Dave the insurance guy.
GUY: Oh. Is there a problem with my insurance?
GUY: Could there be a problem?
GUY: Huh. Ok, what you need to know?
DAVE: Basically, I'm here to ask you about your accident.
GUY: it?
DAVE: Well, we need to figure out who's to blame.
GUY: Me, that's who. I'm a klutz. That's all .
DAVE: And also if maybe there were some drugs involved...
GUY: I see. What if I say yes?
DAVE: You do that. Not right away.
GUY: Well then what if I lie and say no?
DAVE: That depends on what results they get at the lab.
GUY: What? How did they get a sample already?
DAVE: They have their ways. They're really good at this stuff.
GUY: . So it's being analyzed right now?
DAVE: As we speak.
GUY: Well, my job. And my insurance money.
DAVE: Sorry, man. I know it sucks.
GUY: Yeah, .