a very very very fine house (intro)

It’s no secret that the current housing market is a little on . There are more homes and fewer buyers, which means lower prices and . Good news if you are buying, if you are planning to sell. But the market is soft does not mean there aren't buyers willing to pay a fair price. It simply means that if you are sell your house in this cut-throat real estate market, you'd better make it and distinguish it from your neighbor’s.

A good place to start is the list of planned upgrades that has been slowly but since you moved in. If you it right you can expect , but doing a may end up doing more harm than good, ultimately making the house harder rather than easier to sell. Here are some suggestions to when preparing to remodel your home.

Don't . When you’ve been bit by the remodel bug it’s easy to subscribe to the belief that the of upgrades you’ve wanted to do for years will automatically higher profits. Unfortunately this is often not . You get everything you put into a renovation back in dollars and cents. These upgrades that you essential may have little or no value for the new owners. When , remember that less is often more.

, there are times when it pays to bring out the big guns. Some homes have a major problem that will keep buyers away or drive them off once they catch a glimpse of it. The front door with peeling paint is one. If there’s no dining room, that’s another one right there. No garage door opener, you guessed it. It's often the little things you have to , things you've gotten so used to not having that you forget other people consider them .