a very very very fine house (1) house flippers

Did you ever notice how the cars on a used car lot are always clean, with no visible ? There's a reason for that. The same principles that work so well selling second-hand cars also to selling your home. A clean, bright house with newly painted walls will be much easier to sell than a up place with mold on the walls. Don't the value that a couple cans of paint and a few hours spent up and polishing can to your home's sale price.

We may criticize the “house flippers” for buying houses on the cheap, doing a quick , and selling them, but the truth is that flippers do houses sold. What you need to do is stop being emotionally to your house for a while and look at it from a buyer's of view. Imagine walking through the front door for the first time if this house is worth buying. Obviously this is easier than done, but I strongly recommend giving it a . It will open your eyes to a lot of things you wouldn't notice.