inneresting nouns: from clincher to stumper

Yesterday, I went to the BMW dealer, and test drove the 335i . This car is spotless, 5 months old and it has all the options. to say we made a deal, and the clincher was they certified it as a used car and added a two year extended .

Have you ever had someone with whom you normally have similar tastes recommend a movie that you find to be a stinker and they just loved? It happens.It's not the end of the world, but it does leave a taste in your mouth.

the woman who gave birth to octuplets is a single mother that lives with her parents. She's out of work, 30 years old and here's the kicker--she already has 6 kids.

I've done very well in school so far, much better than I would have thought before I . The thing is, I've just been so school crazy and academically driven for the past 3 years I really could use a breather for a year, just to rest up or maybe some steam.

While I was checking out some loudspeakers I asked a guy at the store how this or that appliance worked. He and then came up with some lame excuse for why he didn't know. I mean, this guy was totally . -- Now, there's a shocker. Come on, what did you expect? Those guys don't know the first thing about anything.

I got lucky in a and won a 9mm handgun. My daily itinerary takes me to places that don't allow you to carry a gun, so unfortunately, it would be a . I'd appreciate opinions from those who are familiar with this gun. Is it a keeper or a trader?

I came across a post in which you wondered how best to spend a day in NYC. Look, I work in NYC and the last thing you want to do is go into the City, the commute is a total killer. You'll be exploring whatever area it is that you happen to stay in.

I was told I'd spend the first week learning the , but by noon, they had me out shooting a story on a traffic survey. The topic was a bit of a snoozer so I had to figure out a way to it up to make it stand out. That was no , given the subject matter.

I’m a reasonably heavy drinker and was wondering how booze into this plan of yours? Now, I’m prepared to . I'll stick to your diet and get on with the exercise, maybe even make some sacrifices, but giving up drink as well would be a dealbreaker.

Every now and then a client comes across a problem that our whole team scratching their heads. Recently we found ourselves one that seemingly should have been easy to solve but turned out to be a bit of a stumper.