interesting verbs (2) fibbing

In the financial markets, a lot rides on the word of a company's . If a CEO tells a lie, a lot of shareholders can get hurt. Two researchers from Stanford University think they’ve a way to tell when senior executives are fibbing.

While childproofing your home, take all the knobs off your stove so they can't be turned and lock them up. It , but it beats having your kitchen burn down. Most of the other things you can handle by on the kids.

The perp told police he found the weapon in the store bathroom.When cops didn't buy that, he claimed he found the gun, which stolen, “in the street, lying in the gutter.” In East Hampton? Puh-leeze!

We had a marketing presentation today, a 30 minute one. Despite some we totally nailed it and were really happy with the way it went. Thanks to everyone's vote of confidence and I apologize for my .

Thanks for letting me crash here for a bit. -- A bit? It’s been almost a year. I’d call it taking root, if anything. -- Anyway, like I said, you let me stay here, and I’m going to thank you by the woman of your dreams.

I last week's diet plan so far, so now it's time to make a workout plan to go with it. I need to move more, it's . And every day, too. 2-3 days a week in the gym just doesn’t cut it if you sit on your ass the rest of the week.

If your midwife suggests that cats and babies don't mix and you should get rid of your cats, just ignore her. you are sensible and take all , then hopefully you won't have any problems.

Yes, I feel like a total idiot for being so naive, but hey, I’m not the kind of girl who can date more than one person . That’s just not how I roll. I did, however, enjoy tearing up the cards and breaking the cd he gave me.