Ladies, This Is As Handsome... (2) Making It Big

Now, come here and feel these. Are these some strong biceps or what? That's right, I joined a in March. I've been working two or three times a week and I'm in better shape than I've ever been. It isn't going to , though. I'm giving it six more months before I decide that I'd rather sleep . Next thing you'll know, these muscles will all be gone and I'll start putting weight. Sure, I won't get disgustingly fat a few more years. But it's gonna happen and there's nothing you I can do to stop it.

a more positive note, if you're worried about financial stability, don't be. I just got a new job last week. It's nothing fancy, it's just entry-level a software company, so there's no reason for you to get your hopes . But it's a start, I guess. , I am very hopeful about making it big in the music business. Right now I'm thinking of starting a band. That's the plan, anyway.

In reality, that band will end being me and some friends getting together to get wasted every now and . In 15 years, I'll barely remember the band's name, alone who was in it or what instrument I played. then I'll be stuck in middle management, and the only joy in my life will be that six-pack I'll drink when I get home night. But that's still years . Let's not let the future ruin the present.