Ladies, This Is As Handsome... (3) My Shelf-Life Vs. Expiration Date

If you want to to know me better, you should start by out my house to learn more about my personality. In fact, you should come over right away, and right away I mean the next twenty minutes before the place becomes a stinking mess again. You see, I spent the whole morning throwing out a of old magazines, getting rid of all the in the basement and generally straightening the place up.

And before you ask, yes, that included vacuuming. Let me repeat that, in case you thought you . I actually did some vacuuming earlier today just to you. It turned out to be such a that I don't see myself doing it again, like, ever. Anyway, as you can see, I'm really to make you feel at home and I'll do whatever it to make that happen.

While the expiration date on me is still a few years down the road, my optimal shelf-life is going to end in two days. In fact, I began talking, my personal appearance has a little worse. The longer you wait, the worse I'll get. Ladies, the clock is . You'd better now before it's too late. So. Who's first?