jennie's lagging behind (2) you be the judges

There must be something everyone does not know about. Something basic, something typical. It's impossible to know everything, because one can never stop learning. So stop being SO surprised when I tell you I don't have a as to what you're talking about. It's really to whatever's-left-over-of-my-pride as it is.

I'm not targeting anyone here, I'm just speaking in general. Friends out there, next time you speak to someone like me who admits to not knowing the first about a subject that you consider the basic of all basics, feel to judge me, but please express your surprise in the way possible and try your best to explain it nicely and not look amused at the way this person has just made a fool of themselves. Oh well, I figure it's just a little point making.

I guess I'd better stop here. It feels great, though, it all out. Sure, people have the right to be taken aback, to you and all. They know something that you don't and as far as they are it gives them the right to be and look down on you or even patronize you. It's so depressing to be saying all this. It it look like they're right in some way.

By the way, my complaints aren't for anyone in , since not many people I'd met here were that mean to me. The whole point of writing this is that my friends back in Singapore will take note. I just figured it might help them in their relationships. Enough said, bye… Oh btw, though my sister didn't pester me to write this entry, she did ask about it when I was about halfway writing this.