jennie's job (2) school of hard knocks

When I finish school a year from now, my parents will stop giving me money. parents do this. It's to make the children realize how hard life really is. My parents don't want this experience be too hard for me. I don't have to find a job pays well. Or a job where I don't get home late at night. But they want me to learn what it's to make my own living without depending on anyone for money.

I'm kind of excited about the possibility of on my own even though I know it won't be easy. There will be no one around to help me if trouble. I will have to learn to deal with all kinds of people. I'm not very good defending myself. I need to better at saying what I really think and sticking to it. Being on my own should help me to become more confident. soon I won't be afraid to express my opinions in front of people who disagree with me. I've never been able to do that and I'm of feeling like an idiot every time I'm to speak.