back in the saddle (2)

Anyway, when I food and beer, I dug my old high-school backpack out of the clothes and shuffled out the front door, down the steps, and up the street to the store. After the first block, I was this close to turning back. But an empty fridge . Once I made it to the store, I bought a 12-pack of beer and it into the backpack. Then I put as many burritos as I could into the side pockets and back home.

Getting back was even harder than getting to the store. home, I had to stop for a while to rest up. It that sitting around waiting for a broken leg to heal out of you. When I was about a block away from home, the zipper on my backpack broke. I had a bending over to pick up the cans. I just wished I was back home already.

In the end I back to my place somehow, and as I was my pocket to get the key I dropped the bag, and the cans fell out again. I brought as many as I could into the house and hurried back for the rest. I came back out, some of the neighborhood kids were cans and stuffing them into their pants. They all ran off when I shouted at them, but at least three beers were gone.