joey's big break (1) don't shoot me down

Joey: Man, I'm getting pretty tired. You have to take soon.
Chandler: We've been driving for thirty minutes, and you haven't looked at the road once.
Joey: There's nothing to worry about, I'm in complete control. I'm kind of hungry, . I haven't eaten in like an hour. You wanna get something to eat? My .
Chandler: Isn't that Ross's money?
Joey: Ok, Ross's treat. What do you care where the money's coming from? What's important is that it's not yours, right?
Chandler: I so. Anyway, we always have deciding where to eat. So where do we go this time?
Joey: Hey, I know a good way to decide. I'm gonna ask you a of questions that you have to answer real fast without it a lot of thought. That's the whole , not thinking, just answering. So clear your mind. Clear it right out.
Chandler: Joey, I'm actually not that hungry. But you seem to be really to do this thing so I'll along. I suppose you're going to be asking me like, would I be too wet or too dry or do I believe in ghosts, yes or no? Is that right? I thought so. Ok, shoot.
Joey: Okay, here . Is this movie going to be my big break? Dude, you your head. You pretty much said, "No." Are you serious? I don't believe this.
Chandler: Look Joe, I just don't want to your hopes up real high. Because chances are, it won't work out the way you think.
Joey: That's a horrible thing a friend to say. There's no need to me down like that.