wrong side of the road (3) pros and cons

Reasons I hate driving now: 1. Everything I knew about driving just got out the window; 2. I don't the road markings. If I'd grown up here it would be easier to understand what road marks mean but I have no what the difference is between the different kinds of crossings; 3. I keep wanting to drive on the right no matter how many times I myself not to; 4. Roundabouts may be a good idea but they are difficult to handle (plus they make me sick when I'm the passenger); 5. The roads here are extremely narrow and oncoming traffic is scary as .

VOCAB: be defensive být podrážděný, snadno se urazit ... brag chvástat se ... not have a clue nemít tušení ... oncoming traffic protijedoucí vozidla ... pass zde: přejít (ve smyslu: to přejde) ... stubborn tvrdohlavý ... winding točité

6. Roads are so winding it takes an hour to go 18 miles; 7. Although I've been practicing, I still at driving a manual; 8. It feels like I'm learning to drive for the first time the fact that I have done this years ago; 9. I get nervous every time I myself behind the wheel, but that will probably over time; 10. Driving with Eric has been a no-no because I get too around him.

Reasons to keep trying: 1. I am stubborn--once I make up my mind to learn something, I keep working on it the failures, struggles and disappointments; 2. It will be a good life-skill to have; 3. Practically all vehicles outside of the US are manual; 4. The freedom to drive and independence is something I can't without; 5. Not having to on public transportation; 6. To be proud of myself for learning something hard and new; 7. Bragging to say I can drive a manual; 8. I need to get this so that I can pick up my friends and parents at the airport and drive them around England when/if they visit; 9. I want to Eric to ride with me again.