When Exactly Do Kids Grow Up?

When kids reach certain ages, along with put another candle on the cake, there are other expectations. When your child turns five she won't name all the slugs in the garden anymore. At eight he will consider eating meatloaf but will still as much of it as he can to the dog. At 13 he will beg you for another dog and that this time he really will take the dog for real walks instead of just locking it in the garage. At 18 the best you can hope for is that they won't lock the dog in the car the car keys. At 21, well, you sort of expectations. I did anyway.

A couple months before the last Family Weekend of my daughter's college career, I decided not to wait for an invitation. I announced I was coming she liked it or not. In response I got something "Wow, I'm so glad you are coming to spy on me and my friends." I that invitation enough.

I have missed most of the family weekends since the from New Jersey was a killer. I am here, there are no excuses. I my daughter about the event two weeks before the weekend and she said "It been in my calendar." And she added, "Have you thought of what we're going to do?"

I wasn't expecting that--her putting it on her calendar, that is. I wasn't surprised to hear her ask me what we were going to do. , it was only FAMILY WEEKEND and there was a whole brochure about it that had been sent to all the kids and families well , not to mention the posters that hung all over campus.