kirby, roz, the boss (1) awkward scenes

Lana thinks that she and Frasier are going out on a date, but in fact Frasier is driving her to a surprise birthday party.

Lana: Look, I'm gonna be real direct. We're just two good friends going out for dinner, ok? I don't want you to have any expectations. I only accepted because it sounded like you could really a night out. I don't want some scene where you try to your hands on my butt or anything.
Frasier: I you, there will be no such scene.
Lana: of course I have too much to and change my mind.
Frasier: So how are those kids of doing?
Lana: Oh, my youngest is good, he's in the ninth . But Kirby, if he doesn't pass U.S. history he's not going to graduate.

Frasier: Well, have you getting a tutor?
Lana: That's a good idea. You used to do that of thing in high school, didn't you?
Frasier: Well, yes, I did. And I would be happy to do it for Kirby. It's that I'm asked a lot, and if I helped him I'd have to do it for everyone.
Lana: Yeah. I mean, my is the one I should be asking, but that would be a waste of time.
Frasier: He doesn't help with the kids?
Lana: No, the only kid he has time for is his receptionist. It's .