kirby, roz, the boss (2) some birthday

Lana thinks that she and Frasier are going out on a date, but in fact Frasier is driving her to a surprise birthday party.

Lana: if I smoke?
Frasier: Well,
Lana: I'll just crack a window. You know, I'm glad you me out tonight. Tomorrow is my birthday. by the way is the day Bob and Kathy have chosen to get married. Some birthday. But tonight will take my mind it. Just promise that I won't even hear the word "birthday" for the rest of the night, ok?
Frasier: Are you sure? I mean, maybe a big celebration would be the best .

Lana: What am I to be celebrating? The that I'm becoming an old trot and no one's ever going to love me again? Aren't we going to Bella Luchia?
Frasier: Well, actually I know this little Thai that I think will be better.
Lana: you going to ask me? I hate Thai food. Typical man, "I like Thai food, so she must like Thai food."
Frasier: All right, Bella Luchia is.