kirby, roz, the boss (3) you're not getting any

Lana thinks that she and Frasier are going out on a date, but in fact Frasier is driving her to a surprise birthday party.

Lana: I'm sorry, I'm snappy. It's just... I guess I always thought that I'd be the one who got remarried first, you know? Now everybody's just going to feel sorry me. Oh God, I hope I don't run anybody I know tonight. And you're not a typical man. You're very .
Frasier: You know, I know another little tiny place that I think you might enjoy just much - well, what do you say?
Lana: Sounds great. You know, it's funny, as as I hate the thought of my birthday, I'm kind of that none of my friends asked me to do anything. I mean, it's not I wanted a party, but, well, something would have been nice. … Frasier, you know what, because I'm doesn't mean you're getting some.

Frasier: I can't take any of this. Listen, fifty of your friends are sitting in Bella Luchia right now, wearing party hats and waiting to , "Surprise." Do you want to go or not?
Lana: My friends are throwing me a surprise party?! And you tell me and it?!