kirby, roz, the boss (4) don't blow it

A few days after the party, Frasier visits Lana to see if she's talked him up to Claire already. By now, he's been tutoring Lana's son Kirby for days. If anything, it's been an uphill struggle.

Lana: What did you want to talk about?
Frasier: Well, actually, I if you'd had a chance to talk to Claire yet, how Kirby may be getting a passing grade.
Lana: Actually, I saw Claire yesterday.
Frasier: Oh, . That's wonderful news.
Lana: Frasier, was mention you were tutoring Kirby. But she was very impressed.
Frasier: But you to set us up. We had a deal.

Lana: I'm slowly. Look, she just broke up with Neil because he was . Trust me, if you don't time this right, you're going to .
Frasier: All right, to explain it to me. If anyone understands the value of taking things slowly, it's .
Lana: Frasier, as I recall, on our first date, you got me up to your apartment , you plied me with wine, you got me into bed and then tried to of ever seeing me again.
Frasier: I think "plied" is a bit strong.