kirby, roz, the boss (7) perhaps I spoke hastily

Frasier is having a hell of a time trying to get Kirby to learn. Lana comes home and wants to hear some good news.

Lana: How's it going?
Kirby: Well, I'm cool.
Frasier: .
Lana: Oh, Frasier, are you staying for dinner?
Frasier: Sure. Listen, Lana, I Claire this afternoon, and well, we , and it seems as though we're going to be going out together.
Lana: ? I told you the timing wasn't right. You went behind my back.
Frasier: Yes, well you convinced me you held the keys to Claire's kingdom and the truth is I didn't need the key. When I got there the gates were open, the mat said "Welcome Frasier".
Lana: If you think you are Kirby, you can think again.
Frasier: There is tutoring him if he is not willing to learn.

The answering machine picks up a phone call.
Claire: Hi, Lana, it's Claire. Listen, Frasier asked me out today and I said yes. He seems very sweet. Of course, he was also a little eager which is always . So I might back out, you think he's a catch. Do you? Is he? , I'll be back next week, give me a call, let me know what you think, bye.
Lana: Hmmm, what do I think?
Frasier: Perhaps I spoke hastily.
Lana: I think... I want Kirby to get a C.
Frasier: You said all he had to get was a .
Lana: Well, that was before you went . And just , I want a B.
Frasier: That's crazy.
Lana: Well, , mister, and I'll go for an A.
Frasier: All right, a B it is.
Kirby: What am I doing again? Oh yeah, I'm washing up.
Lana: Okay, a B minus.