kirby, roz, the boss (9) hookers and pimps

Frasier and Claire are on a date at a restaurant. Kirby and his friends are sitting nearby. Kirby is accompanied by Roz. Lana walks in unexpectedly.

Lana: Hey, you guys. Hi. What are you doing here?
Claire: We're a date.
Lana: I'm looking for Kirby, it's his prom night, he left his camera at home. He said you told him about this place.
Frasier: I . Listen, Lana, wait. You know, maybe I should take the camera to the boy. I mean, seeing you here will only embarrass him.
Lana: Oh, he's to that. , the one who should be is that boy who's with his mother.

Claire: Lana is such a great mom. She really cares about her kids.
Frasier: She sure .

Meanwhile, Lana realizes that the 'mother' is actually Kirby's date.
Kirby: Mom, would you cool out?
Lana: How do you me to cool out when you're with... what are you, a ?
Frasier: She works for me.
Friend: You're her ?

Maitre D': Is a problem?
Frasier: No, no, everything's fine. Lana, please. This is all innocent enough. I only did this to motivate the boy.
Lana: By him up with a hooker? Kirby, you're coming with me.
Kirby: Mom, I'm not going.