knife try (1) faded jeans

I was 24 and working at a knife store in a busy mall in San Diego, CA. There were knives on almost every . The wall behind the cash register desk alone had 70 kitchen knives on it. Most days it was fairly quiet, with nothing to do. I by cleaning the display shelves, rearranging the knives and kids out of the store.

One day this kid walks in, he more than 17 years old. He wore these faded jeans that hung around his butt, a black T-shirt something incredibly vulgar on the front, greasy black hair, and sneakers that looked like they hadn't his feet since he was 10. Just the kind of kid that you need to to make sure nothing gets stolen or damaged.

The kid walks over to the counter and asks to see a cheap hunting knife. Frankly, . I mean, even if he takes off with it, I am out $5, . I hand it to him and he handles it like an angry postal worker, swinging it and the air. I point out that I'd really appreciate it if he kept it on the counter, and he and says, "What if I stabbed you?" I immediately reply with the first thought that my head, "I don't know, bleed!?"