Kyle (1) Underwhelmed

Kyle was a jackass. Four months after hiring him for a pretty prestigious paid internship, that was the quality I could attach to him. Kyle spent his work week fooling around, hitting on the female interns, and surfing the Internet. Kyle tasks was a waste of time. He was too busy playing obnoxious jokes on people to do even some minor filing. He couldn't be bothered to when everyone else was overwhelmed with work. He was always 20 minutes late for his shift; you could your watch by him. And at least 3 times he had left for his lunch break and never returned.

all that, Kyle kept complaining to me because he felt he wasn't trusted enough to do anything 'fun' or 'challenging.' As far as I was concerned, Kyle should have been thanking God at the end of every day that he still had his job. If I couldn't trust him to close the windows properly, how the hell was I supposed to trust him with something that actually some level of responsibility?

Unfortunately, Kyle's near-constant worked. Hoping to motivate Kyle with a little bit of responsibility--and against my better --I decided to put him in for one hour while I met an important client for lunch. Since almost everyone was out of the office for the day, his only real duties would have been answering the phones, taking messages, and avoiding the place on fire.

Kyle seemed pretty by the fact I trusted him to do more than put on files so I had high hopes that my little experiment would inspire him to do a better job. At the very least, I told myself, it's not like a whole lot could . To make a long story short, I came back exactly one hour later to find Kyle and 6 of his college buddies in the middle of a food fight. Not only that, but every light on the phone was . He hadn't taken a single call because he was too busy food off his face.